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Elizabeth helps me look and feel the best I can.

I feel so blessed to have found Liz to help me with my face treatments. She has gained my 100% trust. Liz has so much knowledge in her field and in nutrition along with women’s health and for me that is very important. I personally feel we need to take care of our selves on the inside as well as the outside to regain and maintain our youth and Liz’s medical background and passion for this makes her that much more valuable! I also need a lot of information on a treatment before I decide what would be best for me and I know Liz is going to give it to me straight. She is so very committed to this profession and as a patient I can feel that passion and concern. With that, she takes everything into consideration when consulting on what procedure is best for me individually. Everything from what type of product is best for my concern to my budget to what to expect after. I have gone to Liz for over 3 years now and my skin has improved greatly because of her expertise and the painless way she does her injections to the wonderful laser treatments that she has recommended and performed on me. Going to see Liz ‘fills my cup’ more than I can express. It is a wonderful feeling to know someone is out for my best interest to help me look and feel the best I can.